Girl in Green Woods

This Little Bitty Art is acrylic painting on cardboard. Don’t be fooled by the size. Tiny art takes great concentration. I get all caught up in the work and feel as though I’m right inside the scene. I love the colors that appeared. It was unplanned.


Little Bitty Art by Lucy B. Aponte


This little cutie came out on a whim. She was hidden in the grains of this bit of cardboard.With the magic of pencil, paint and more, she came to be. I love her. These tiny little creations bring a sense of joy through my being.
These little characters come to be, often as I try to find ways to inspire my students to gain confidence in creating. Working on a small piece of cardboard takes the fear away of making mistakes. You’ll notice, she’s riding on the letter L. the first letter of my first name. She represents me, as a child, wanting to fly free. She did inspire my students, and did a phenomenal job.

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my world. Here, I will introduce you to the little people that live in my imagination. They are delicate, sweet and delightful. They fill my heart with joy.


“Ooh Sister, Look”

These delightful little girls are inspired by memories of trips my grandmother took me and my siblings on to the NY Botanical Gardens, in the Bronx. I was always enthralled by the beauty of the gardens. My grandmother dressed us up for these special trips. Flowers and nature were a big part of our lives with her. This is a miniature piece, created in pencil paint and ink on parchment paper. The look is delicate and light, which is the style I love.

Pencil & Ink on Transparent Paper
“El Pallasito” 

Meet El Pallasito, the Little Clown. This little guy is curious about what’s going on. He’s absolutely beautiful, if I do say so myself. El Pallasito is created in pencil paint, and ink on parchment paper. I love the sweet look in his eyes. Say “Hi,” Pallasito.

img_20151118_205251The Insider

This little one waiting for his time to come out into the world. In the meantime, he’s having a party in his Mommy’s belly. He is also created in pencil paint and ink on parchment paper. Notice a theme here. I seem to like the combination of pencil, ink and parchment paper. Hmmmm.